UI Design

Information Architecture
Information Design
Scenario Design


Heuristic Evaluation
Gathering Requirements
Data Analysis
Market Research
Usability Testing
Persona Creation


Stakeholder Expectation


Project Management
Chairing Meetings
Business Cases
Product Roadmaps




Ajax Event Calendar WordPress Plugin
Analytics Navigation Flow Metrics
Archive Search New Product Design
Archive Search v2 Product Revision
Contextual Menus User Interface Design
Dashboard Redesign User Interface Revision
Global Header Redesign User Interface Revision
Product Unification Data and System Diagrams


Creative Technical Professional
SaaS product development and data analysis expertise.
Passionate about user-centric product design and
collaborative exploration in the pursuit of excellence.
Agile UX Evangalist
Actively elicit story-based feedback from users,
to minimize irrelevant features, and deliver faster,
more accurate results via iterative design.
Critical Design Analysis
Translate requirements into effective solutions
within project context, adapt to constraints,
prioritize elements essential to the experience.
Servant Leadership
help team interact effectively
facilitate decision-making
encourage risk
gather and incorporate feedback
monitor progress
deal with reality when things get off track


Ajax Event Calendar Exceeds 31,000 Downloads


The Ajax Event Calendar WordPress plugin surpasses 31,000 downloads in just four months since its release.   more

Ajax Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress


I am pleased to announce the recent release of the Ajax Event Calendar plugin for WordPress.   more

Book Review: Raving Fans


In this quick read, co-authors Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles begin by establishing that “Satisfied customers just aren’t good enough.”   more


He is extremely conscientious about the quality of his work and always gives a full effort in all his deliverables. I have enjoyed working with Eran over the past several years and wish I had more people like him!

Brett Safron, Director, Product Management at Textura Corporation

Eran is a great collaborator, who is open to feedback and discussion (from both colleagues and users) on how to make the best product possible. His ability to imagine new ideas and then put them into action is a rare gift.

Brandon Andersen, Director of Marketing at Cision

Communicated vision to others so they could understand and implement it.  Eran is always on the cutting edge of technology and the industry, and encourages others to remain on the cutting edge as well.

Charlie Jackson, Technical Lead at Roundarch Isobar

By simultaneously leveraging his skill sets around user experience, product vision, and software development considerations, allows him to move new ideas from the drawing board into reality.

David Lundstrom, Vice President of Software Engineering at Cision

Eran’s methodical approach to breaking down complex business requirements always makes our (IT) job easier. His exacting attention to detail translates into higher quality IT solutions delivered to the business.

Ed Kim, Director, Enterprise Architecture at Cision

He sees the big picture, working to accommodate all parties involved. Eran takes the time to understand and think through processes, intricacies and potential, adding value to every project on which he works.

Erin Murtha, International Media Manager at Cision

The combination of his passion for improving user experience and his ability to communicate ideas and design concepts to the layperson make him a great asset to any team or project.

Jay Krall, Technical Product Manager at DataSift

A fantastic innovator, always up on the latest trends in design, usability and other initiatives that make a product better.

Kevin Hoffmann, Director Product Development, Brand Exchange Centro

Eran has a unique ability to organize the abstract, to take a complex set of information and processes and make them useful and easy to understand.

Kirin Murphy, Lead User Experience Designer and Front End Developer at Cision

Eran always demonstrated a commanding knowledge of the product and had a true passion for the projects he was working on. Eran is a true team player and listened to complaints, compliments, and suggestions.

Lindsay Green, Sales Support Supervisor at Cision

Eran raises the level of work on any team that he is assigned and has a great knack for communicating across functional teams.

Scott Rojas, Global Product Management Director at Cision

His key contribution is the ability to step back and see the bigger picture. The ability to consider the situation from a business or end user point of view is extremely valuable. It keeps projects from running off in the wrong direction and failing.

Scott Thompson, Senior VP, Information Technology at Cision

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